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22 Results for meltblown

MBT-GSMFL150Gray Spunbond Mediumweight Rolls, 30"x 150', 1/box
MBT-WM150Standard White Heavyweight Rolls, 30"x 150', 1/bag
MBT-WML100Standard White Mediumweight Pads,15"x18",100/bag
MBT-WM200Standard White Lightweight Pads, 15"x18",200/bag
MBT-WM100Standard White Heavyweight Pads, 15"x18",100/bag
MBT-GDM120Economy Universal Roll, 30"x120', 1/bag
MBT-GDM200Gray Dimpled Lightweight Pads, ,15"x18",200/bag
MBT-GDM100-1517-8.5Economy Universal Pads, 15"x17",100/bale
MBT-GDM100-1517-7Economy Universal Med. Wgt Pads, 15"x17",100/bale
MBT-GFMFL150Gray Dimpled Mediumweight Rolls, 30"x 150', 1/box
MBT-GFMFL100Gray Dimpled Middleweight Pads, 15"x18",100/box
MBT-GFMF100Gray Dimpled Heavyweight Pads, 15"x18",100/box
MBT-GFMF150S-1Gray Dimpled Heavyweight Rolls, 15"x 150', 1/box
MBT-GFMF150Gray Dimpled Heavyweight Rolls, 30"x 150', 1/box
MBT-GSMS100Gray Spunbond Heavyweight Pads, 15"x18",100/box
MBT-WDM143White Dimpled Mediumweight Rolls, 38"x 150', 1/bag
MBT-WDM120Economy Oil-Only Roll, 30" x120', 1/bag
MBT-WDML100White Dimpled Mediumweight Pads, 15"x18",100/bag

Item is currently out of stock but will be placed on back order to fulfill in the most efficient method.

MBT-WDM200-HQWhite Dimpled Lightweight Pads15"x18",100/bag
MBT-WDM100White Dimpled Heavyweight Pads,15"x18",100/bag
MBT-WDM200-1517-12Economy Oil-Only Pads, 15"x17", 200/bale
MBT-WDM100-1517-8.5Economy Oil-Only Pads, 15"x17", 100/bale